About Us
 "Arise and Shine now" is a non denominational ministry which was started with a mission to bring out the practical wisdom from the Word of God which encourages people and leads them towards a victorious life.
   We have been "bought with a price"  through the atoning blood of Jesus to be the Lord's children-His garden in which His imperishable seed - the Word is to be continually planted, watered and cultivated, so that it can produce present and eternal wonders. A child of God can accomplish a thousand times greater than men of the highest human talents can accomplish, by receiving His promises.
   Jesus is the only one to meet the needs of the soul and direct the feet of the doubting and halting to the pathway of peace, righteousness and wholeness of character step by step along the way of the Christian life, to the fullness of the blessing which is found in the complete surrender of self and unwavering trust in the saving grace and power of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
   We earnestly pray that many may learn to believe and receive the many blessings promised in the Bible. We desire that everyone of you be followers of Christ and through faith and patience inherit the promise. 
God's desire is that we should prosper physically, emotionally and spiritually.
   Christianity does not produce a changed life but an exchanged life. Christ does not reform us, but He transforms us through His union with us.

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